Risk Taboos, You Should Break

A phase that always entered in everyone of us life at least once is that “take a risk to achieve something..”

But what is the Risk?

  • Risk of not getting a job early…
  • Risk of losing a relationship.
  • Risk of losing money…
  • Risk of instability in life..

and many more…

Why One Should Take Risk in Life?

The risk is based on everyone’s capabilities

The people who takes the Risk & Learn — are the one who always taste the SUCCESS

Let me tell you my story,

Back in the year 2015, I have left high paying job of Rs 80K with very less backup,


In pursuits of FREEDOM and burning desire to do something my own….

Everyone has their own reasons to start business

I do have,

  • I don’t want to trade my time with money…
  • Corporate job sucks
  • Corporate politics sucks
  • I don’t want to be a corporate zombie and so many other reasons.

It was the biggest risk I have taken in my life by quitting a high paying job

  • Someone called me mad
  • Someone said that you will be on-road…
  • Someone said you will not be able to survive without a job…
  • Someone said you will face so many obstacles in starting your own business

but I know what my heart was telling….?

It was pushing me to go ahead and take actions

To cut long story short…

I failed in the 4 business attempts, lost huge money, time, energy…


because I have not given importance to learning, sharing my own skills, reading books

Despite failures, I never looked back…

And today I am glad that, I learned a lot just because of those failures and my exposure to digital marketing, online business and blogging world….

I mastered all those skills which are necessary to live a job-free life and run an online business.

With this learning I launched another business, my online business blog wherein I am helping people to escape 9–5 job, start an online business, make money online, blogging and so on…

The idea here is simple to live laptop lifestyle you have to create multiple sources of income and make money online

I started living job free life

The Output of My Risk Taking Capability

  • I’m making money online.
  • Made new connections.
  • Learn a lot from industry experts.
  • Created a backup and multiple sources of income.
  • People love to engage with me & love to hear my thoughts...
  • I am own BOSS.
  • Media reach.
  • And biggest I don’t have any fear of losing job, money etc.

Here Are the Steps to Break Risk Taboos

STEP 1: Learn before earn :

  • Invest in learning, be it reading books, self-development, blogging, attending seminars

STEP 2: Take an action to implement learning

  • Don’t let your learning GO.Take a action

STEP 3: Identify opportunity to turn to learn into SUCCESS factor

  • i.e Provide a value & turn it into the business opportunity.

STEP 4: Monetize your business

  • Start blogging, Sell your services online, Sell e-books etc.

STEP 5: Build\Join communities to engage

STEP 6: Growth your business digitally

  • Take the benefit of Digital Era i.e Digital Marketing -SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing(SEO), Social Media Management(SMM), Online Reputation Management(ORM)


  • Automate your business with the help of tools\resources required for business.


I hope you got some pointers to life FREEDOM and how to build a job-free life.

So what are you waiting for?

Learn and Take a action.

Do you have any questions then leave your comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so leave your comments.

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